WebTalk World Radio Show is back with New Website

It has been many years since we have made a new WebTalk World Radio Show episode, but we are now back with a new WordPress blog website that I will be building out over the coming weeks. My goal at this point is to get some older shows up and active again here and also create a new podcast feed again. This will setup the possibility that I might start making some new shows again. I have some at home recording issues to workout, but I have the beginnings of a home studio again.

I appreciate all the folks who have been writing me over the past couple of years asking for new shows again as many have missed the show and I have missed making them. I don’t have any dates yet for new shows, but will post some of the better old shows and see what the reaction is. What do you think about what the new shows should focus on? Is the Future of the Web a relevent topic anymore with cloud based-apps and mobile apps? Is the web being replaced by Facebook and Apps? What do you think?

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